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Section 8

The Housing Authority of Washington County administers the Section 8 rental assistance program in areas of Washington County outside the City of Hagerstown corporate limits for approximately 500 lower income households.Young family posed in front of home

Section 8 Voucher Programs are operated by the Washington County and by the Hagerstown Housing Authority. Rent subsidies are provided to eligible families so that they can afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing on the local rental market. (If you want to rent a unit inside the Hagerstown City limits, contact the Hagerstown Housing Authority.)

We have divided more particular information about the Section 8 program into separate pages.  One for tenants, one for landlords and one describing how Section 8 assistance can now be used in support of homeownership.


Frequently Asked Questions (For Maintenance-specific questions, click on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)

  1. How is my rent determined?
  2. How long do I have to wait for Section 8?
  3. Can I bring my dog (to the Section 8 interview)?

Did your question get answered?  If not, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To come close to determining what your rent will be in the Section 8 program, click on the link below (Rent Calculator).  In the calculator provided by PHAnetwork.com, use the "Itemize" links to enter various sources of income and deductions.  If you have a utility you will be paying that is not shown, use an "Itemize" line that is not being used to pad your total.  Use the links to utility allowances to fill in the utility amounts.  When you complete the form, click "Calculate".  The approximate "Tenant Rent to Owner" is mid-way down the lower right-hand box!  (Your actual rent may vary based on the level of income we verify and the deductions from income that can be allowed.)
Rent Calculator

HAWC ranks families on the waiting list according to need.  So families with lots of "need" points are served sooner than families with lower point totals.  Click here to view our need factors and the points we award.  In the past year, several families with over 120 points waiting 90-120 days before being called in for an interview.  The length of the wait also depends on the number of families dropping off the program because the number we can serve (578) is currently frozen by Congress.

If you need a service animal as an accommodation, you will be allowed to bring a dog to your interview; otherwise, please make other arrangements for the care of pets and young children.




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Offices for the Authority are at 319 East Antietam Street, 2nd Floor, Hagerstown, MD 21740.
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